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Nothing creates fun family moments like an explosion of chunky gooey treats. Enjoy our delicious Breyers® frozen treats blasted with your family's favourite candy and treat brands.


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Breyers® - Fun & Indulgent - REESE® Peanut Butter Cups® - Real REESE® Peanut Butter Cups® candy in every bite! 

Calling all Reese® fans! Breyers® Reese® Chocolate is bursting with real Reese Peanut Butter Cups®, as well as a peanut butter swirl through creamy chocolate. 

Breyers® - Fun & Indulgent - SKOR® - 3 scrumptious Skor® bars in every delicious tub! 

Breyers® - Fun & Indulgent - Hershey's Kisses - An undeniably delicious creation, bursting with caramel-filled Hershey's Chocolate Kisses AND a tasty caramel swirl! 

Breyers® - Fun & Indulgent - Creamsicle® - Real vanilla light ice cream swirled with orange sherbet. A creamy orange delight! 

Breyers® - Fun & Indulgent - Mrs. Fields® Chocolate Brownie - Rich fudge brownies blasted into every bite!