Creamery Style Natural Vanilla 

Real vanilla ice cream.
Crafted in a Canadian Creamery with Antibiotic Free milk and cream.
Flavours & colours from Natural Sources.
Rainforest Alliance certified vanilla beans.
Gluten Free.
Made in Canada. 


Natural vanilla ice cream made from fresh cream, real vanilla bean specks, and all natural flavours for an indulgently rich taste. Simply delicious!

Nutritional Facts and Ingredient Declaration

   Amount % Daily Value
Calories 140 kcal   
Fat 6 g  9% 
Saturated 4 g  21% 
+ Trans 0.2 g  9% 
Cholesterol 25 mg   
Sodium 50 mg  2% 
Carbohydrate 19 g  6% 
Sugar Alcohols    
Fibre 0 g  0% 
Sugars 16 g   
Protein 1 g   
Vitamin A   4% 
Vitamin C   0% 
Calcium   4% 
Iron   0% 

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