• 1 box (540 mL.) fudge brownie mix
  • 6 cups (1500 mL) Breyers® Creamery Style™ Dark Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 1 jar (225 mL) cherry preserves


  • For brownie, line a (23x23x5cm) square metal baking pan with aluminum foil; spray lightly with no-stick cooking spray. Prepare and bake brownie mix according to package directions for fudge-like brownies. Cool completely in pan on wire rack. Cover pan with cutting board and turn the pan and board over; remove pan, then carefully peel off foil and discard. Using sharp knife, cut brownie into three even strips.

  • Place first brownie strip on sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil; spread with one-half of Breyers® Creamery Style™ Dark Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream. Top with second brownie strip; spread with remaining Breyers® Creamery Style™ Dark Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream. Place third brownie strip on top, right side up. Wrap cake tightly in foil and freeze until firm, about 8 hours.

  • Remove cake from freezer about 10 minutes before serving. Warm fruit preserves in small saucepan over low heat, stirring constantly, or microwave on MEDIUM (50%) in microwavable bowl, stirring every minute, until melted.

  • Cut cake into 8 slices; cut each slice diagonally in half. Place 2 half slices on each dessert plate; stand 1 half slice upright. Spoon warm cherry sauce onto plate around cake. Garnish with cherries, if desired. Serve immediately.