Salted Caramel1.5 QT

Torn between sweet or salty for dessert? Give in to the perfect balance between the two with Breyers® Salted Caramel. Savor a scoop of smooth salted caramel goodness wrapped with a gooey salted caramel swirl for the ultimate salted caramel indulgence.

Have a sensitivity to gluten? No worries! Breyers® Salted Caramel and that delicious sea salt caramel swirl is gluten free! We care about the quality of the ingredients that use in our products and that’s why we have a Pledge to use high quality ingredients like 100% Grade A milk and cream from American cows not treated with artificial growth hormones*, colors and flavors from natural sources, and sustainably farmed fruit and vanilla**. We think it’s what makes Breyers® so good, and we hope you agree.

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*The FDA states that no significant difference has been shown between dairy derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST-treated cows. **Our product, before the inclusion of any candies, cookies, sauces or fruit from other suppliers, will fully abide by this claim. Raspberries are not sustainably farmed.

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