OREO® Snack Cups 10ct  

Breyers® OREO® - OREO® in Breyers® vanilla. Enjoy a family-favorite, OREO®, in each creamy spoonful of Breyers® vanilla.
Now in convenient snack cups that are perfect for parties!
Partnering with American farmers for 100% Grade A milk and cream.
At Breyers®, we start with the highest quality ingredients.
Made with All American Dairy; with milk and cream from cows not treated with Artificial Growth Hormones** The FDA states that no significant difference has been shown between dairy derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST-treated cows.
Kosher dairy
Quality since 1866 


Breyers® vanilla with real OREO®? Yes please! If you’re anything like us, you love Breyers® vanilla and OREO® cookies. So why not combine your love with Breyers® OREO® Cookies & Cream? And now, Breyers® OREO® comes in convenient snack cups that are perfect for parties! Really, who can say there’s ever too much of a good thing – like OREO® cookies and ice cream? Rich, creamy vanilla goodness surrounds those real OREO® cookies and will be sure to bring a smile to your face. We bet that if William Breyer, who started Breyers® Ice Cream in 1866 in Philadelphia, could try Breyers® OREO® today, he would give it his stamp of approval. He was a champion of quality for the ice cream that he made, and we think he would agree that Breyers® OREO® is the cream of the crop! Using real OREO®s® is just one way that we’re keeping to his pledge of quality. In fact, we’ve added loads of more of your favorite cookies and candies in our other cobranded products too, like Breyers® SNICKERS®, Breyers® REESE’S, and Breyers® HEATH. Try them all and let us know your favorite at www.Breyers.com!

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