Vanilla Caramel 

Breyers Gelato Indulgences Vanilla Caramel is the perfect date night treat!
Creamy vanilla gelato with a thick caramel swirl and gourmet caramel curls.
Made in accordance with our Breyers Pledge to start with high quality ingredients.
Partnering with American farmers. 100% Grade A milk and cream.
Colors and flavors from natural sources.
Kosher Dairy. 


In 1866, William Breyer took his passion for creating high quality desserts and set out to start his own brand of ice cream – Breyers. Thanks to his commitment to delivering delicious ice cream using only local and simple ingredients, the Breyers brand was soon known and loved all across America. But he could have never imagined the delicious combination of creamy gelato, luscious sauces, and gourmet toppings that would follow, some 150 years later! Breyers Gelato Indulgences is the perfect way to take any moment from ordinary to extraordinary. Each flavor is composed of beautiful rosettes of creamy gelato, draped in luscious sauce and finished with gourmet toppings. See for yourself how our unique trio of textures delivers a truly special and indulgent dessert experience, unlike any other. Get wrapped up in silky raspberry cheesecake gelato, give in to the temptation of creamy vanilla caramel gelato, or savor a moment of rich peanut butter. No matter the flavor, we think you’ll agree: It is way beyond ice cream. Why not try Vanilla Caramel Gelato? Creamy vanilla gelato, luscious caramel sauce and gourmet caramel curls. Be sure to visit to learn more about our wide variety of delicious desserts!

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