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Sustainable Ice Cream
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6 mins  Oct 5, 2023

When William Breyer created Breyers, he made a commitment to only use high-quality ingredients in his ice cream. Nearly 160 years later, we remain committed to his vision and continue to use only fresh and sustainably sourced ingredients in our products.

Breyers was the first national ice cream brand to only use dairy from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones and 100% Grade A milk and cream. We continue to raise the bar today with all of our ingredients by working with suppliers and farmers who share our values and prioritize sustainability. Together, we work diligently to ensure every ingredient we use in our products is 100% sustainably sourced – from every speck of vanilla to the juiciest strawberry. You can taste and see these high-quality, handpicked ingredients in America’s favorite ice creams like Breyers® Natural Strawberry and Breyers® Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry.

Breyers® Natural Strawberry Ice Cream

Breyers® Strawberry Ice Cream:

Natural Strawberry: Breyers® Natural Strawberry ice cream is packed with strawberries picked at the peak of happiness! Made with sun-ripened California strawberries swirled in delicious Breyers® ice cream, our Natural Strawberry is refreshing and sweet. To create Breyers® Natural Strawberry, we mix high quality and sustainably sourced milk, fresh cream, sugar, and strawberries to give you a delicious ice cream. We only use 100% Grade A milk and cream from American cows not treated with artificial growth hormones, sustainable strawberries, and other non-GMO sourced ingredients.

Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry: The Breyers® take on the classic Neapolitan ice cream combines our signature natural vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice creams together. To be enjoyed one flavor at a time or all three in one scoop, there’s something for everyone! Made with non-GMO sourced ingredients, our Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry is made with high quality ingredients like sun-ripened California strawberries, real cocoa, and 100% sustainable vanilla from Madagascar.

Sustainable Strawberries:

Breyers partners with suppliers who believe in the importance of sustainability and act on our responsibility to do better for our planet, our consumers, and the farmers who make it all possible. To do this, our suppliers build strategic partnerships with farming communities who support strawberry farmers that establish and lead the way for sustainable farming practices. These strategic partnerships provide access to sustainable farming experts, additional education and resources to our farmers, and create a farmer-to-farmer network that supports and helps others navigate sustainable farming practices1. This mutual commitment to sustainability and farmers makes every Breyers scoop that much sweeter.

 Breyers® natural strawberry ice cream in white ceramic cup

Breyers’ strawberry suppliers are dedicated to supporting farmers achieve the highest sustainability standards. These standards reinforce our strawberry supplier’s commitment to big environmental goals, working diligently to help farmers reduce their carbon footprint, water consumption and waste to protect and enhance biodiversity and soil health. Our farmers are setting fruit industry standards by following regenerative agriculture practices, the process of restoring degraded soils, incorporating adaptive grazing, no-till planting, or limiting the use of pesticides, among other practices, based on ecological principles2. You really can taste and see the difference in our naturally flavored strawberry ice creams.

How you ask? One look at our strawberry ice cream you’ll see the natural coloring of our ice cream. One taste and you’ll think our juicy strawberries were handpicked that morning – regardless of the season! Working with sustainable farmers means the strawberries in Breyers Natural Strawberry or Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry are sun-ripened and only handpicked once they’ve reached peak flavor. It means delicious, responsibly made strawberry ice cream year-round.

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