Non-Dairy Vanilla1.5 QT

Love ice cream but don't love the dairy? Have no fear! Breyers Non-Dairy Vanilla is here! Made with real oat milk and loaded with sustainably sourced vanilla and real flecks of vanilla bean — there’s no dairy in sight. This dessert is made with real diets in mind and is not only dairy free, but also gluten free and Kosher. Enjoy this creamy and delicious oat milk frozen dessert made with the Breyers® quality you trust.

From classic flavors, to CarbSmart™ options, to Non-Dairy products, our range has something sweet for everyone. Discover your new favorite non-dairy frozen desserts from Breyers’ many non-dairy flavors today, like Vanilla Peanut Butter, Mint Chocolate Chip, and more. Try them all and experience a delightful treat without any of the dairy.

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